(Revised:  8/14/2014)

 By-laws of Granite State Managers Association, An Organization of Professional Property Managers.


Section 1.01 – NAME:  The name of this organization shall be the Granite State Managers Association.

Section 1.02 – JURISDICTION:  The Association shall operate within the State of New Hampshire.


Section 2.01 – OBJECTIVES:  The Association is organized as a non-profit association with the following objectives:

  1.  To improve the standards and practices of all phases of administration related to the profession of Property Management.
  2.  To facilitate effective relationships among all levels of government in the development and execution of assisted housing policies and programs, as well as any and all issues that are related to the business of Property Management.
  3.  To provide a forum for the education, presentation, discussion, and resolution of concerns common to the business of Property Management.
  4.  To cooperate and collaborate with other agencies, associations, and groups, both public and private, having similar or related purposes.



  1.  Active Member:  Any agency, association, corporation, or individual, which services, owns and/or manages residential multi-family housing, subsidized or conventional, condominiums, commercial properties and/or single-family mobile home parks.
  2.  Sponsoring Member:  Any corporation or individual who provides services for profit to those who own or manage subsidized or conventional housing.  This category might include, but is not limited to, lawyers, accountants, bankers, and consultants.
  3.  Membership status shall be in effect following the payment of annual dues as set by the membership at the annual meeting.

Section 3.02 – VOTING:  Only active members shall have full voting rights.

Section 3.03 – DUES:  Dues are established by the Executive Committee at their discretion.  Payment of the established annual dues shall entitle Active members to all rights of membership.  Sponsoring Members are entitled to all benefits but may not vote.


Section 4.01 – PRESIDENT:  The President shall preside at all regular meetings of general membership at which he/she shall be present.  He/She shall have and may exercise such powers as are from time to time assigned to him/her by the membership.

Section 4.02 – VICE PRESIDENT:  The Vice President, at the request of the President or in his/her absence or inability to act, shall have the duties and exercise the functions of the President.  The Vice President shall have other powers and perform such other duties as are from time to time assigned to him/her by the President or membership.

Section 4.03 – SECRETARY:  The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the minutes of the meetings of the Association, the sending of such notices as may be required and performing other duties as may be assigned by the President or membership.

Section 4.04 – TREASURER:  The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the financial accounts of the Association, preparing financial reports, and performing all the duties incident to the office and such other duties as may be assigned by the President or membership.

Section 4.05 – TERM OF OFFICE (One (1) Year):  The members in good standing shall elect the officers at the Annual Meeting.  An officer serves for one year and/or until a successor is elected and qualifies.  The President and Vice President shall serve a maximum of three (3) consecutive terms.

Section 4.06 – OFFICER VACANCIES:  Office vacancies shall be filled by order of the Executive Committee.


Section 5.01 – ANNUAL MEETING:  There shall be an annual meeting of the membership at a time and place fixed by the Education Committee.  Reasonable notice of not less than fourteen (14) days shall be given to all members.

Section 5.02 – SPECIAL MEETINGS:  Special meetings of the membership may be called by the President or by signed petition of one-third of the total Active Membership.  The Secretary shall give not less than seven (7) days advance notice of the time and place of a special meeting.

Section 5.03 – REGULAR MEETINGS:  The Granite State Managers Association shall meet at least quarterly.  The time and place of regular meetings shall be set by the membership.  Reasonable notice shall be given.

Section 5.04 – MEMBERSHIP VOTING:  A majority of the membership present at any meeting where business is transacted shall determine the outcome of vote.


Section 6.01 – STANDING COMMITTEES (BOARD MEMBERS):  The Standing Committees of the Association shall be the Executive, Education and Membership Committees of the Board.

  1.  Executive Committee:  The Executive Committee shall consist of those Officers and Committee Chairs duly elected by the membership.  This Committee shall act on behalf of the membership, and shall conduct all necessary business between regular meetings.
  2.  Education Committee:  The President shall appoint a Chairperson of the Education Committee at the Annual meeting.  The Committee, as appointed by the Chairperson, shall be responsible for planning and facilitating all educational programs.
  3.  Membership Committee:  The President shall appoint a Chairperson of the Membership Committee at the Annual meeting.  The Committee, as appointed by the Chairperson, shall recruit and retain Active and Sponsoring Members.

Section 6.02 – AD HOC COMMITTEES:  The President shall appoint Ad Hoc Committees as deemed appropriate and necessary.


  1.  Any member who fails to attend (unexcused absences) three (3) meetings during their term of office will be removed from the Board.


Section 7.01 – AMENDMENTS:  These By-laws may be amended at a regular or special meeting of the membership or by mail ballot.


Section 8.01 – EFFECTIVE DATE:  These By-laws shall become effective upon adoption by the membership at a regular or special meeting or by mail ballot.