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Hi – we’ve changed our website to a newer, upgraded model that should make it easier for you to stay in contact with us. Please use from now on to get all the GSMA-related information.

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2018 Utility Allowances from NHHFA

For those properties still using the New Hampshire Housing (PHA) utility allowances, the 2018 Utility Allowances are now posted on our website and they are effective 2/1/18.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties must implement changes in Utility Allowances to compute gross rents within ninety (90) days of the effective date. For projects with other funding please follow program specific requirements.

The link to the Utility Allowance is

President’s Letter

Dear Granite State Managers Association Member:

2017 was a very successful year for GSMA, and on behalf of the Board I would like to thank you for your continuing membership and support. Your participation in trainings and feedback are what makes GSMA a successful organization.

In 2017, we had an amazing number of participants at our trainings, sometimes so many that the rooms seemed overbooked (and maybe they were on occasion). We had a Fair Housing Training held with the Vermont Housing Managers Association (VHMA) in April, a Blended Occupancy Training in August, an OSHA training for maintenance in December and the Tri-State Managers Conference in October.

The Tri-State Conference was the most successful conference that we have had in all the combined conferences. We had a remarkable turnout, amazing programs, and great feedback (mostly positive). We can’t wait to have another Tri-State Conference soon.

GSMA has updated its website and it is working out well. I hope that everyone has had the opportunity to go to and see what we have done. We are hoping to have all registrations go through the website in 2018. Our Facebook page, Granite State Managers Association, is updated on a regular basis. If you haven’t gone there yet, please do and remember to like us.

2018 is looking to be a very busy year. We have already lined up a Fair Housing training with A.J. Johnson with VHMA for April 3, 2018, and our fall conference will be held at the Wentworth by the Sea on October 22 and 23. Looks like it will be a spectacular conference this year. We are also looking to have more trainings scheduled for the year, including a maintenance training day.

This letter comes from me as the President of the Board, but GSMA is successful due to the efforts of everyone who serves on the Board. There is a lot of work done behind the scenes to put on these successful programs. The Board for 2018 will be great, and will be staffed by Darryl Courtenay, Barbara Hall, Mike Loso, Heather Malone, Sharlene McEachern, Denise Pratt, Scott Precourt, Heidi Setien, Paula Usher and Leslie Wright. We look forward to coordinating excellent training programs for you in 2018.


Patrick J. Brennick
President, Granite State Managers Association

Link to August 1 VAWA Training Now Available

Link to August 1 VAWA Training Now Available

You can now watch the archived Multifamily Housing VAWA broadcasts on YouTube –


Both the August 1 and July 26 training slides are available here.


Seeking Public Comment on Revised VAWA Forms


HUD has posted a 60-day Federal Register notice, seeking public comments on our Information Collection package for the four VAWA forms issued with the VAWA final rule (forms 5380, 5381, 5382, and 5383). HUD proposed revisions to each of the forms and they are part of the 60-day notice.  You may submit comments online on the proposed changes.  These forms are published for comment only.  The forms are not final and should not be used at this time. The 60-Day Notice of Proposed Information Collection: Implementation of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 is available here.

A Senior Housing Project & The Centerpiece to Revitalizing a Distressed Neighborhood

* Notre Dame received the 2015 New Hampshire Preservation Alliance Achievement award.

In December 2014, AHEAD celebrated the completion of Notre Dame Apartments, a 33 unit low income housing project for seniors in Berlin, NH, culminating a community-driven effort to rehabilitate the historic Notre Dame School.

AHEAD is proud of this effort, which is important not only as a senior housing project, but also as the centerpiece to revitalizing a distressed neighborhood. A group of Notre Dame alumni formed the “Project Rescue” group in 2003 to save the building, which had been vacant for many years and suffered damage from arson. The City of Berlin, working with the Environmental Protection Agency, spent more than $800,000 to remove hazardous materials from the site prior to the building’s restoration.

AHEAD took over development of the project in January 2013. The project’s $7.8 million fund package included 9% tax credits, a federal historic tax credit, grants from CDBG, Neighborworks, HOME, NH Housing Greener Homes, AHP, as well as financing from Bank of NH.

The facility is Energy Star certified. It is heated and cooled using air-source heat pumps powered by 4 Okofen wood pellet boilers.