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Link to August 1 VAWA Training Now Available

Link to August 1 VAWA Training Now Available

You can now watch the archived Multifamily Housing VAWA broadcasts on YouTube –


Both the August 1 and July 26 training slides are available here.


Seeking Public Comment on Revised VAWA Forms


HUD has posted a 60-day Federal Register notice, seeking public comments on our Information Collection package for the four VAWA forms issued with the VAWA final rule (forms 5380, 5381, 5382, and 5383). HUD proposed revisions to each of the forms and they are part of the 60-day notice.  You may submit comments online on the proposed changes.  These forms are published for comment only.  The forms are not final and should not be used at this time. The 60-Day Notice of Proposed Information Collection: Implementation of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 is available here.

New Financial Assistance to Needy Families Payment Standards Enacted

On July 1, 2017 a new state law took effect that changed the Payment Standard for Financial Assistance to Needy Families (FANF, formerly TANF). The new Payment Standards now align with 60% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Shelter costs ARE NOT USED in determining FANF eligibility or used in calculating the grant amount.


The “as paid” subsidized shelter allowance of $293 is a thing of the past and is no longer applicable to New Hampshire households whose source of income is coded as “T” for FANF (formerly T for TANF). Total Tenant Payment for FANF recipients should be calculated at 30% of adjusted household income retroactive to July 1, 2017.


Please contact your software vendors in order to learn how to remove the auto override to the $293 Shelter Allowance for households whose income is coded as “T”. Please third party verify the new grant amounts for households whose income source is FANF and please perform 7/1/2017 Interim Certifications in order for the households to be paying rent calculated at 30% of adjusted gross income.  This will, likely, result in the need to retroactively refund any overpayment of rent/underpayment of subsidy for FANF grant recipients.


Please don’t do an Interim and code the pre-July 1, 2017 grant as “G” for general assistance, as this will result in a rent that is lower than the applicable rents when the new Payment Standards are applied. Also HUD collects data from the 50059s to determine the percentage of households that have all income sources and coding a full FANF grant as a “G” for General Assistance will result in data being skewed.


This is the link to the Inter-Department Communication-Division of Family Assistance that announced the new Payment Standards.


As always, please feel free to contact your Asset Manager if you have any questions.

Tri-State Conference Announcement – Registration Now Open!

We’d like to thank Otis-Atwell for becoming the Official Sponsor of the Tri-State Conference coming in October.

Dear GSMA, VHMA and MREMA Members,

We are excited to announce the online registration for the 2017 Tri-State Housing Mangers Conference is now open.  The Tri-State planning committee has been working hard to put a full line of training topics together for you and we hope that everyone will be able to attend.  Please use the following link to register for the conference.  The deadline for registration is Monday, September 25, 2017.

Registration Fees:

Members:                         Non-Members

Full Conference                      $450.00                                   $650.00

Day 1 Only                              $300.00                                   $500.00

Day 2 Only                              $300.00                                   $500.00

Day 3 Only                              $250.00                                   $450.00

Please note that hotel reservations need to be made separately by calling the hotel directly.  The information is also on the registration website.  Hotel reservations must be made by September 24, 2017.

We hope to see you all at the conference!!!!

HUD releases VAWA Reauthorization Act of 2013 – Additional Guidance for Multifamily Owners and Management Agents

HUD Released additional guidance to owners and managers regarding VAWA on June 30. The purpose for this, according to HUD, is:

This notice provides guidance to owners and management agents (O/As) of HUD
multifamily assisted housing on the requirements of the Violence Against Women
Reauthorization Act of 2013: Implementation in HUD Housing Programs, Final Rule,
published in the Federal Register on November 16, 2016, (81 Fed. Reg. 80724
(November 16, 2016)) (VAWA Final Rule). This notice does not encompass every aspect of
the VAWA Final Rule and should be used in conjunction with the VAWA Final Rule.
This notice supersedes Housing Notices H 2010-23 and H 2009-1.

The rule can be found here: HUD Portal Document.


A Senior Housing Project & The Centerpiece to Revitalizing a Distressed Neighborhood

* Notre Dame received the 2015 New Hampshire Preservation Alliance Achievement award.

In December 2014, AHEAD celebrated the completion of Notre Dame Apartments, a 33 unit low income housing project for seniors in Berlin, NH, culminating a community-driven effort to rehabilitate the historic Notre Dame School.

AHEAD is proud of this effort, which is important not only as a senior housing project, but also as the centerpiece to revitalizing a distressed neighborhood. A group of Notre Dame alumni formed the “Project Rescue” group in 2003 to save the building, which had been vacant for many years and suffered damage from arson. The City of Berlin, working with the Environmental Protection Agency, spent more than $800,000 to remove hazardous materials from the site prior to the building’s restoration.

AHEAD took over development of the project in January 2013. The project’s $7.8 million fund package included 9% tax credits, a federal historic tax credit, grants from CDBG, Neighborworks, HOME, NH Housing Greener Homes, AHP, as well as financing from Bank of NH.

The facility is Energy Star certified. It is heated and cooled using air-source heat pumps powered by 4 Okofen wood pellet boilers.

October 25-27, 2017 – Tri-State Conference

October 25-27, 2017. Tri-State Conference at the North Conway Grand Hotel, North Conway, NH. Save the Date! The Maine Real Estate Managers Association, Vermont Housing Managers Association and Granite State Managers Association are teaming up to put on a spectacular conference this October. More details are coming soon.

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August 9 & 10, 2017 – Blended Occupancy Training, Presented by Nan McKay and Associates.

August 9 & 10, 2017 – Blended Occupancy Training at the Holiday Inn, Portsmouth, NH. Presented by Nan McKay and Associates.

Section 8, Low-Income Tax Credit, HOME, Project-Based Vouchers, RAD PBV, and RAD PBRA.  It used to be complicated enough to manage these programs individually, let alone combined in one property!

Properties with mixed financing and blended occupancy are more common than ever before.  Housing professionals must be able to ensure compliance with multiple programs at one site.  Eligibility, certifying income, determining rents, and managing the unit mix are critical components for mixed financing properties.  The ability to interpret and apply complex, and often conflicting, regulations is critical to ensuring long-term compliance.

This two-day, fast-paced training will provide you with practical tools that you need in order to navigate the complex regulatory environment of mixed financing and blended occupancy properties.  You can’t afford to miss this important workshop!  Registration Deadline is July 14, 2017.

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