HUD releases VAWA Reauthorization Act of 2013 – Additional Guidance for Multifamily Owners and Management Agents

HUD Released additional guidance to owners and managers regarding VAWA on June 30. The purpose for this, according to HUD, is:

This notice provides guidance to owners and management agents (O/As) of HUD
multifamily assisted housing on the requirements of the Violence Against Women
Reauthorization Act of 2013: Implementation in HUD Housing Programs, Final Rule,
published in the Federal Register on November 16, 2016, (81 Fed. Reg. 80724
(November 16, 2016)) (VAWA Final Rule). This notice does not encompass every aspect of
the VAWA Final Rule and should be used in conjunction with the VAWA Final Rule.
This notice supersedes Housing Notices H 2010-23 and H 2009-1.

The rule can be found here: HUD Portal Document.